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December, 2014

  • [F] St. Thomas, Apostle (R)
  • When: Sun Dec 21, 2014

    Event Status: confirmed
    Event Description: Old Testament: Judges 6:36-40\NPsalm 136:1-4 (antiphon: v. 26)\NEpistle: Ephesians 4:7, 11-16\NGospel: John 20:24-29
  • 4th Sunday in Advent (B/V)
  • When: Sun Dec 21, 2014

    Event Status: confirmed
    Event Description: Introit: Ps 19:1, 4c, 5-6 (antiphon: Is 45:8a, b)\NGradual: [Zech. 9:9; Ps. 118:26]\NOld Testament: 2 Sam 7:1-11, 16\NPs 89:1-5 (19-29) (antiphon: v. 8)\NEpistle: Rom 16:25-27\NProperVerse: Mt 1:23a\NGospel: Lk 1:26-38
  • [C] Katharina von Bora Luther
  • When: Sat Dec 20, 2014

    Event Status: confirmed
    Event Description: Katharina von Bora (14991552) was placed in a convent when still a child and became a nun in 1515. In April 1523 she and eight other nuns were rescued from the convent and brought to Wittenberg. There Martin Luther helped return some to their former homes and placed the rest in good families. Katharina and Martin were married on June 13, 1525. Their marriage was a happy one and blessed with six children. Katharina skillfully managed the Luther household, which always seemed to grow because of his generous hospitality. After Luther's death in 1546, Katharina remained in Wittenberg but lived much of the time in poverty. She died in an accident while traveling with her children to Torgau in order to escape the plague.
  • [C] Adam and Eve
  • When: Fri Dec 19, 2014

    Event Status: confirmed
    Event Description: Adam was the first man, made in the image of God and given dominion over all the earth (Gen 1:26). Eve was the first woman, formed from one of Adam's ribs to be his companion and helper (2:1824). God placed them in the Garden of Eden to take care of the creation as his representatives. But they forsook God's Word and plunged the world into sin (3:17). For this disobedience God drove them from the Garden. Eve had to suffer the pain of childbirth and be subject to Adam; Adam had to toil amid thorns and thistles and return to the dust of the ground. Yet God promised that the woman's Seed would crush the serpent's head (3:824). Sin had entered God's perfect creation and changed it until God would restore it again through Christ. Eve is the mother of the human race, while Adam is representative of all humanity and the Fall, as St. Paul writes, For in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive (1 Cor. 15:22).
  • Camel Lot
  • When: Thu Dec 18, 2014 6pm to 7pm  CST

    Event Status: confirmed
  • Praise Team Rehearsal
  • Recurring Event
    First start: 2014-08-07 18:30:00 CDT
    Duration: 3600
    Event Status: confirmed
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